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Deep Foundation Division

GEC General Contractors’ Deep Foundation Division (DF) performs work as a subcontractor for electrical construction (transmission, substation and lighting), tower construction, and DOT projects.

The primary services offered by this Division are drilled shafts, mass pads and pile driving. Some examples of work performed are:

  • New and Upgraded Tower Foundations
  • Sign Support Structures
  • High Mast and Roadway Lighting
  • Bridge Foundations
  • Building Foundations
  • Electrical Utility Structures
  • Petrochemical/Industrial Facilities

Drilled Shaft (caisson) Foundations

  • Rock Drilling
  • Slurry Drilling
  • Cased Foundations (Temporary and Permanent)
  • Depths to 110’
  • Tooling Available to Drill up  to 10’ Diameter (Rock or Earth)
  • Remote Access Capabilities
  • Restricted Access (Terrain, Low Headroom and Limited Working Space)
  • Existing and New Substation Work
  • Transmission Line Foundations
  • Lift Station Installations
  • Foundation Upgrades of Existing Structures

Driven Pile Foundations

  • Pre-stressed Concrete Piles
  • Steel H Piles
  • Steel Pipe Piles

Sheet Piling

  • Sheet Pile Walls
  • Cofferdams
  • Bulkheads

Mass Pads

  • Mass Pads With Pedestals
  • Single Pads With Pedestal

Foundation Upgrades

  • Helical Anchors
  • Core Drilling and Reinforcement Installations
  • Above and Below Ground Anchor Block Reinforcement
  • Above and Below Ground Foundation Reinforcement