Welcome to Gulf Equipment Corporation (GEC). We are a general contractor that has been serving the southeast since 1984 and take pride in our reputation of quality, efficiency and excellence. We are family owned/operated and headquartered in Theodore, in Mobile County, Alabama. GEC General Contractors provides turnkey construction services, with our major focuses being Tower Construction (cellular, public safety and utility support), Civil/Bridge Construction and Deep Foundations (drilled shafts, pile driving and mass pads).

Our business philosophy is treat all employees, customers and vendors with respect and safely deliver on our commitments.

Since 1984 GEC General Contractors has completed many projects ranging from small individual jobs to multiple project build outs. Our company’s long list of private and public sector customers encompass many project categories. We pride ourselves in being able to provide efficient and cost effective service on any project regardless of size.

The strongest asset of GEC General Contractors is our employees. We are proud of the outstanding individuals who form the core of GEC General Contractors. Many of them have been with us practically from inception. They are truly team players committed to serving our customers. Their wide range of real world experiences, well equips us with the ability to provide the best solution to just about any situation that may arise. The greatest testament to this is our company’s longevity and stability within our industry.